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Wo. [09 Mar 2011|02:33pm]

[ mood | amused ]


I have been loling hard over our magical memories. MISS YOU GUYS!

I would like to know what is UP in your LIVES!

where my mullet?

[22 Aug 2008|09:35am]


So I just realized I haven't seen anybody online in a little while. Maybe it's just 9:35 and I've been delirious at my boring desk job for a half hour on a friday morning when I chose to stay in and smoke instead of going out to the bar, but seriously, where have you people been? Did you get new screen names? Do you have lives now? Did you realize constantly being on the internet was expensive and unnecessary since you aren't raping your college campuses resources for charging you an extra 10,000 or so a year?

Also I graduate at the end of this year and may be going to grad school. WHAT?
where my mullet?

wut [30 Jun 2008|12:29am]

[ mood | dorky ]

KinreiYoru (12:28:03 AM): In the end, his lust gave him a permanent erection and his penis grew so large that he was unable to move
KinreiYoru (12:28:06 AM): :/
KinreiYoru (12:28:07 AM): What

also, I'm 17 now aka legal in the state of Colorado LOLWUT

where my mullet?

NEWS TEAM! ASSEMBLE! [17 Jun 2008|08:37pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Srsly, post some pixxxx. I want to see what all you formerly pasty 12 year olds look like as pasty quasi-adults! ALSO, if anyone has the first three chapters of the clayfic that would be awesome. LIRL

Aside from my requests, I haven't talked to most of you in a really long time and I'd like to know what you've been up to, it is catching up time kthx. My sn is xTyranosaurusLex or you can just post a comment. Whatever. BUT I MISS YOU GUYS.

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what the fuck you guys [17 Jun 2008|02:25am]

[ mood | confused ]

I am seriously disturbed by how clueless my coworker is.  She's nice enough, but holy shit.  Our conversation today went something like this:

Her: ...blahblahblah somethingsomething Castle Rock...
Me: Oh, did you live in Castle Rock?  I lived there until I was four.  Then we moved to Texas.
Her: No, I have cousins there, so I stay sometimes.  Where in Texas?
Me: A suburb of Dallas - Carrollton.
Her: I've been to Dallas before.  Somewhere else, too... Austin, I think?  That's in Texas, right?
Me: Oh, uh... yeah, it's the capital.  My brother lived there for a few years.  He's in San Antonio now for his job.
Her: San Antonio?  Where is that?
Me: It's... um, it's in Texas.  That's where the Alamo is.
Her: ...
Me: ...
Her: The Alamo?  What's that?
Me: It's... uh... (how the fuck do you explain that?  I could sense Sarah spinning in her future grave)
Her: ...?
Me: A... major historical site.
Her: Oh... I'd never heard of it.
Me: (still thinking WTF) Oh, yeah, um... it's pretty hard to not know of it if you've been through the Texas public school system. (also thinking 'or ANY OTHER public school system, wtf')

whaaaat my mind is still reeling.  How can you 1) not be sure that Austin is in Texas, 2) not know where San Antonio is, and 3) NOT HAVE HEARD OF THE FUCKING ALAMO.  WHAT THE FUCK.

3 plastic vicars | where my mullet?

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